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"I love the freedom..."

"I am able to communicate with my friends and family with new clarity, and I love the freedom and comfort it gives me."

-Brian Wallace

"...It's like a miracle..."

After having her laryngectomy, Margaret Estrada went completely speechless for a year and a half. Her speech therapist recommended UltraVoice and life immediately got better. "From the very first day
of use I could speak. It's like a miracle. Now I am eager to explain UltraVoice to other patients and their therapists."

-Margaret Estrada

Even speech therapists sing the praises of UltraVoice!


"I was introduced to UltraVoice at a national convention and was thunderstruck at how the quality of speech and life could be
improved for a laryngectomy patient."

-Judith Krepsky,Ph.D.,
Speech Pathologist,
Garden Park Community Hospital
Gulfport, Mississippi

"...significantly more natural..."

"Because the sound is created within the vocal tract, UltraVoice is significantly more natural and intelligible then external units. And
compared to other procedures, UltraVoice is markedly less expensive."

-Ms. Cindy Phifer, M.S. CCC-SLP
Speech Pathology Manager

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